How do you price to make it all work to sell for the most money at a given point in time? And how do you manage costs and other considerations to bring as much of that money as possible to your bottom line as seller net?

List price is a point to negotiate down from to selling price (in a normal market)! (What if you reverse that?)

All costs of sale are deducted from your sales price along with your mortgage payoff. What remains is seller NET, your "bottom line," the money you put in your pocket. 

Selling is an expensive complicated hassle-filled process with a lot of liability. Competent professional help is enormously beneficial in handling the process, managing costs and liability, and increasing your bottom line net!

That's why most sellers hire agents.  Traditional real estate commissions at 6% are the single highest cost among the many costs of sale.  But they can be structured just like any other cost.

Today, massive digital marketing on the internet via the Multiple Listing Service, Facebook, YouTube, Google and hundreds of websites creates buyer awareness of your offer!  

How the home is marketed will powerfully impact the sale price, the level of buyer demand for it, and how long it takes to sell it.  

Getting professional help, the "listing side" commission or fee, costs anywhere from $99.00 to 3% or more.  It can be zero, or a manageable cost.  (You almost always pay 2.5%-3% to buyer "side," in addition.) 

Quality of performance impacts everything - sale price, the overall success of your sale, your satisfaction, and seller net received on completion of sale!  

A great result can be achieved with a manageable cost using my Seller Control Program

Given the complexity and liability involved in sale of a home, were the COMMISSION COSTS not an issue, a seller would be crazy NOT to seek the professional help of a Realtor!

My Smart Seller Program provides you three powerful ways to get the right market exposure at the right cost, command top dollar adjusted to condition, and sell with low or No Seller Commissions!

Imagine Selling Your Home Fast for Maximum Value with minimum Hassle while optionally paying No Seller Commissions!

With few nice homes on the market, how do you assure yourself that you'll find a suitable replacement home before closing on the home you're selling?  You don't want to be homeless! 

How do you keep from having two mortgages if you get your next place under contract but your existing home proves difficult to sell and takes longer? What if you must sell your current home to even be able to purchase the next one?

Your beginning or "List Price" doesn't account for the costs of preparing for sale, marketing, carrying costs, and seller concessions to buyers.  (Nor does it for the non-financial costs of your time and energy!) Improvements made do show up in the price. When you get a contract, there are yet further costs for home inspection related repairs, other inspections, warranties and commissions to manage.  

List price is determined by the factors at right (below on mobile.)  And it's the same number, whether selling by owner, listing with a flat-fee broker, discount broker, or traditional real estate agent.

Half the "By Owner" (FSBO) sales are to buyers with a buyer agent.  You'd pay an agent who "brought you a buyer," right? Even FSBOs are already paying half the traditional commission

The buyer agent's job is to negotiate on behalf of the buyer against you!  The agent is not selecting your home and "bringing" the buyer. The buyer selected your home online and asked the agent to schedule a showing. You cannot make this stuff up!

85% of the remaining half of FSBO sellers sell for less, list with an agent, or quit. 

Necessary selling costs exist and are paid in one way or another.  There is a way to structure commissions so they work for you!   Commissions are simply a cost to manage intelligently.

If you've already been on the market but your place didn't sell, commissions aren't the issue. Carrying costs and frustrated life plans are.  You want to move forward, not stay or rent out.

My Smart Seller Program removes commission cost as an obstacle and gets You the professional help you need!  I handle ALL the HASSLES (described above), advertise and drive all the Marketing and MASSIVE DIGITAL EXPOSURE of your Home to get You top dollar in 11-14 Days! 

Introducing: The Smart Seller Program

The Smart Seller Program provides you choice among Three Brilliant Solutions  to sell your home.  You get the right market exposure at the right cost point, adjusted to condition of your home and your equity position.   You're able to sell for top dollar within 11-14 days while paying low or no seller commission! 

1. Traditional Listing:  The real costs of sale discussed earlier are present whether we're  selling by owner, cooperating with an agent to get a buyer, working with a limited service agent, a discounted full-service agent, or paying 6-7% or more. 

We restructure the commission aspect.  Double entry bookkeeping works in real estate, too. Have the buyer pay their own commission! It's possible to have the buyer pay the whole commission, including yours.   Seller pays their own listing side commission, or NONE. Match the commission rate to type and difficulty of sale, service needed, property condition, price range, mortgage debt, equity, timeline, and market conditions! 

2.  Online Bidding Strategy: Auction Platforms recently have seen a steady Increase in number of homes sold and far greater engagement and excitement from buyers. Billions of dollars of real estate are sold by auction every year. Our system is a hybrid incorporating auction technology but is not technically an auction since highest bid does not necessarily win.  (Contingencies affect real estate deals!)

Sellers love auctions because they are fast, efficient, and effective. Auctions use the science of pricing, and the psychology of competitive bidding and urgency. 

Traditional Financing may be used, and normal contract and closing process apply. 

Auctions are an accelerated and targeted way of selling your home. There is no ceiling price in a competitive market, though you maintain a reserve price. Auctions attract serious buyers, and you know the exact date you’ll sell your home!

Use the "Red Zebra" pricing strategy to amazingly differentiate your offer from its competition.  And we use massive digital marketing - fusion photography and video displayed on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, the MLS and hundreds of websites - to drive Buyer awareness and produce higher demand! 

3. Ca$h $ale: I work with professional investors looking for investment properties. Your property can be sold “As Is.” Investors close FAST & offer more than OpenDoor or OfferPad or other iBuyers. If your home needs extensive repairs, and you do not wish to have them done, or the home will not meet buyer’s lender requirements for a new mortgage, cash sale is your key option. There are no commissions.

Here’s Some of What my Smart Seller Program Will Do for You!

Help you price your home to massively increase buyer awareness and demand!

Show you how to reverse buyer psychology and make list price a point to negotiate up from!

Help you to negotiate against buyer requests that you pay their closing costs!

Show you twelve low cost home improvement ideas that can add thousands to your bottom line!

Help you  quickly sell your home for cash, any condition on your schedule and get your moving costs paid!

Show you how to make needed home improvements and pay for them at settlement!

Get right exposure, right cost.   Sell for top dollar within 21-30 days with  low or no seller  commission!

Position your sale for fast and effective auction, use the science of pricing & competition to get higher price for you!

Give you a full-service traditional listing, flexible commission, easy exit!

Address distressed sale, short sale, Dream Home Finder, hard money and much more!  BONUS!

My Smart Seller Program is designed for Private Sellers like YOU where I handle ALL the HASSLES (described above), advertise and drive all the marketing and MASSIVE EXPOSURE of your Home, appropriate to type of sale, to get YOU Top Dollar in 11-14 Days!  Selling is a complex task! It makes sense to seek Highly Competent Professional Help!  Hear from some of My Clients who did! 

Doug Lowe: Over the past years, Ernie has helped me with selling, renting and buying a home, each with their own unique challenges and objectives. In each case, Ernie has been THE SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. He surrounds himself and aligns himself with incredible people that know what it takes to get the job done - what ever that job is. There are only a few people in my life that I trust as much as I do Ernie and I have recommended him to all of my family for their real estate needs. One of my adult daughters even referred to him as " our family real estate guy". He earned my respect and trust a long time ago and reaffirms it with each encounter I or my family have with him. 

Mary Lynn Lindner: I have bought and sold 9 houses in 40 years, and Ernie Dill is the best Realtor I’ve ever had. He knew the market, and worked hard to sell our home. It sold after only 2 days on market for more than asking price. His office provided an excellent “Stager,” Shelley, to help us as well. I had interviewed 2 other Realtors, but picked Ernie because he was very knowledgeable, personable and he offered a stager. I have since referred him to several of my friends and neighbors, and he sold their houses quickly as well. One of my neighbors hadn’t been able to sell their house in 9 months with a different Realtor. They made the improvements that Ernie recommended and it sold with a few weeks. I highly recommend Ernie!

Nancy Icke:  Ernie represented us in a complex land sale. He assembled the various engineering and survey documents, sewer link drawings, flood zone maps, appraisals and so forth in a way that potential buyers could make sense of what we were selling and understand the opportunity before them. He walked the properties and the area and took photographs and video that showed all aspects of the properties. All were presented in the Multiple Listing Service such that we enjoyed extensive demand. Communication was always thorough and thoughtful. Ernie is an excellent and accomplished agent who would be an asset to you in accomplishing your real estate goal. Highly recommended!

Ed Pawloski: Ernie Dill represented us in the recent sale of our Lake Wilderness home.  I was surprised to learn that Ernie felt that we could get over $20,000.00 more for the place than we expected.  He priced it, marketed the home beautifully, and negotiated fiercely on our behalf.  We got top dollar quickly.   The Dude knows what he's doing and he will be a real asset to you if you're selling your place.  Great communication, powerful negotiation, thorough market understanding, and real professional competency.  Those qualities are what this man brings to the table.  I recommend you hire him!

Three Brilliant Solutions - You get the Right Exposure, at the Right Cost, adjusted to your Home's Condition, and your Equity to Sell Fast for Top Dollar with Minimum Hassle while paying Low or NO SELLER COMMISSION!

Full Service Traditional MLS Listing with flexible commissions, easy exit, electronic lock box, real estate signage, online showing management, real estate documentation, full professional assistance, massive digital marketing - adjusted to your needs in terms of type and condition of property, circumstances of sale, equity position vs. mortgage debt, price range, market conditions, timelines and difficulty. 

There is an option in my platform to PAY NO SELLER COMMISSION.  Double entry bookkeeping works in real estate, too.  Move the commission to buyer side of the settlement statement!  When your buyer makes an offer on a standard listing, normally you commence negotiation of Price and Terms.  The traditional List Price is a starting point.  You're offering to sell at that price. You'd take a full price offer, right?  It’s inherently a Price to Negotiate DOWN from! When you implement a BUYER PREMIUM STRATEGY, as Public Auctions have done for many years, the buyer pays a 5-7% Premium, on top of contract price and rolled into Final Sale Price.  Psychology is reversed!

If you cannot pay your mortgage because of job loss, reduction of income, divorce, excessive indebtedness, illness, involuntary transfer, or other hardship and you're seriously delinquent, unable to catch up--YOU ARE FORCED TO GET ASSISTANCE, SELL YOUR HOME, OR BE FORECLOSED.  If YOU sell your home, you control your restructuring.  If you allow your LENDER to foreclose, you lose control!  I can help you STOP FORECLOSURE,  get the time you need to reorganize your life and finances, while remaining in your home for several months, making no further mortgage payments.  YOU RETAIN CONTROL. THERE IS A WAY OUT.  It's called a SHORT SALE!

Investors generally prefer to operate in the first-time homebuyer price range (under $300k) and many are drawn to fixer properties in need of repair. The investor hopes to purchase “wholesale,” at 50-75% of “after repaired value” so that they can rehab and then sell “retail” and make a profit. Others prefer "pretty houses," and plan to hold and lease out long term. Since they’re paying cash, more expensive homes present much greater risk. "Convenience” is key. Selling to an investor will not give a seller “top dollar!” Sales are "as is" in any condition, no repairs needed, no showings, closing quickly on your timeline.  I have access to a database of investors.  There is an abundance of capital in this space!





Get a Spot on my Calendar now for a FREE consultation on the phone, on Zoom, or at your home.  No obligation.  Takes 30-60 minutes.  

You emotionally want to move, for your own reasons, nicer home or downsizing, whatever.  Or circumstances dictate it, like job transfer, or relocation for family or other reasons.  Your circumstances differ – quality of home, ease or difficulty of sale, equity level, need for repairs, timing.  Each of the three major solutions is linked in the menu above to provide specific details and explanation. 

I guarantee that in the event that you have gone under contract on sale of your home, but cannot secure an adequate replacement home, you can cancel sale of your home!  (You will not be homeless!)

I guarantee that in the event that you have gone under contract on purchase of your new home, but cannot secure an adequate contract to sell your existing home, you can cancel purchase of your new home!  (You will not have two homes and mortgages!)

Create certainty not guesswork.  Gain flexibility.  Know that you can sell for enough money and that you will be able to secure a replacement home for the least money.  Get the absolutely best professional help you need, at reasonable cost. 


Call or text me now at 540-841-1825. 

Or get a spot on my calendar.

Let’s accomplish your goals and get your home sold!

How hard is it to sell your home?  Is your property located in a sought-after suburban median priced neighborhood where it'd be easy to sell? Or is it a rural property or a luxury home where there are fewer buyers because of location or higher price? 

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You want to sell your current home to move up, downsize or relocate! It may be a showplace, or a fixer-upper or somewhere in between.  Many personal and financial considerations are involved in getting the job done!

Even when your home is a great looking place in super condition, with equity, that will easily draw top offers, home sale is a serious job with real challenges and a lot of work involved. 

Location of the home, age and condition, and other factors like the mortgage balance vs. equity are critical considerations in your approach to sale. Maintaining a home over time is expensive. So is investing in amenities and upgrades to sell one. Some folks are able and willing to spend the money. Others are not.  Situations and capabilities differ. Add in variable human factors like your goals and timing, and it's clear that every sale is different and flexibility is needed!  I have a flexible and cost effective full-service professional approach that will work for you.  

How do you handle sale if you need to relocate quickly for a new job, or have transfer orders? 

What if you bought near a market peak and are upside down?  Or what if you bought more home than you could ultimately manage?  You have little or no equity and need difficult to afford repairs and upgrades. You need to sell to recover.  How do you get unstuck if that's you?

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